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01. Bubblewrap Poppi... - 79697
02. Bear & Cat - 64089
03. Tetrix 2 - 52186
04. Fishing Impossib... - 37251
05. Attack Of The Go... - 32906
06. Chickenboy Chuck... - 31462
07. Jungle Monkey - 29610
08. Mr. Don - 28575
09. Dragonball Z - 26933
10. Street Life - 25215
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Bullet Dodge Bullet Dodge
Unarmed and helpless you're held at gunpoint by three gunmen, the only w...
Drifting Championships Drifting Championships
Unreal Racing Game. Skid out for points. Start your own league. Addictive!
Anti Terrorism Dept. Anti Terrorism Dept.
Use fists, knife, machette, katana and guns to kill terrorists pick up weaponry ...
Adventures of a Cow Adventures of a Cow
Help rescue the cow's friend who is locked away in a cage.
Aventura Magica Aventura Magica
Help rescue Timmy's Fairy God Parents.
Fruits Fruits
Help the fruit rescue his fiancee kidnapped by an evil wizard, in this side scro...
Dynasty Street Dynasty Street
Kick the living tar out of your opponent before he does the same or worse to you...
K vs K K vs K
King of Fighters style system use K and fight against K in this fighting demo.
Mission Mars Mission Mars
Level the city to secure your landing!
Minesweeper Minesweeper
Classic windows game mine sweeper click on the squares but try not to click on a...
Topsy Turvy Topsy Turvy
Clear as many balls as possible by clicking groups of three.
Santa Balls 2 Santa Balls 2
Click and move the balls around to match them up color for color and get rid of ...
STD: Wave 1 STD: Wave 1
Kill all the escaped prisoners and sentence them to death with your pistol by sh...
Penguin Arcade Penguin Arcade
Knock the penguins back into their pool.
Drakojan Skies Drakojan Skies
Lead the Omega Squadron through the Drakojan skies and protect the Drakojans fro...
Weight Lifting Weight Lifting
This flash version of the popular sport weight lifting tests your mouse clicking...
Bumper Ball Bumper Ball
This is a cool one on one soccer game but with a twist, the twist being that you...
Lawn Bowling Lawn Bowling
Throw the black bowling ball as close to the jack on the green as possible.
Little Rocketman Little Rocketman
Power up and jump from platform to platform. Land safely and make sure you don&#...

Power up attack, swing your massive sword,use magic, potions and buy stronger we...
Fortress Game Fortress Game
Power up set angle and throw shoes or rocks at the opponent hit them with double...
Insanity Insanity
A really nice claymation (clay animation) made by molding a clay figure and film...
Xiao Xiao Mall Brawl Xiao Xiao Mall Brawl
Another animation done by Zhu.
Assault Part 3 Assault Part 3
Avoid the cameras and make your way through the enemy base.
High Scores
Doc Ock Rampage Doc Ock Rampage
in game
Doc Ock Rampage Doc Ock Rampage
Destroy The City!
Donkey Kong Donkey Kong
Grab The Key to free Donkey Kong

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01. Galactic Tennis - 10
02. 3D Pong - 10
03. Overrun II - 10
04. Kuririn Runner - 10
05. Fall Down - 10
06. Fowl Words - 10
07. Second Line the ... - 10
08. Operation Tiger - 10
09. Jungle Jim - 10
10. Jack Russell - 10
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